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Blacklisted electricity companies you should avoid!

Who appoints these blacklisted electricity companies?

Every quarter, the Swedish consumer energy markets bureau (Konsumentverkets energimarknadsbyrå) publishes a list of blacklisted electricity companies. The list points out companies that have received large amounts of complaints from dissatisfied customers during the year. The main purpose of the list is to help electricity customers avoid unreliable electricity companies and help consumers make a more informed choice when it's time to choose or switch electricity contracts.

About the Swedish consumer energy markets bureau

The Swedish consumer energy markets bureau shares tips to help unscrupulously treated consumers dispute invoices that are in some way incorrect. They also help by reporting electricity companies to the General Complaints Board and / or the Swedish Consumer Bureau.

In addition to contacting the Swedish Consumer Bureaus's energy market office, you as a customer of an electricity company can also contact the police if you believe that the company has violated the law.

Who is on the list of blacklisted electricity companies?

Here is the list of the electricity companies that the Swedish consumer energy markets bureau selected in its latest review in October 2019:

  • Stockholms elbolag
  • Göta energi
  • Nordic green energy
  • Axilia
  • Nordisk krafthandel
  • Fi-nergy
  • Telinet

How are blacklisted electricity companies appointed?

Today, there are over 100 electricity trading companies on the electricity market. The majority of these electricity companies have only a few complaints, but there are those that stand out. The Swedish consumer energy markets bureau evaluates the electricity companies that have received large amounts of complaints over a long period of time or lately.

Common complaints are, for example, forged signatures, unrealized promises of cheaper electricity, fees for breaching a contract when switching electricity companies, and bad customer service.

Here are some clear warning signs which indicate that the electricity company may not be the best option:

10 warning signs

  • The electricity company's customer service for complaints has long response times
  • The electricity company treats customers poorly
  • The electricity company does not keep what they once promised
  • The electricity company has sent incorrect invoices on several occasions
  • The electricity company has received bad reviews on various forums
  • The electricity company was once on the list of blacklisted electricity companies
  • The electricity company argues that you "must" sign a new agreement with them
  • The electricity company extends the electricity contract without your consent
  • The electricity company enters an agreement in your name without your active consent
  • The electricity company has threatened to shut down electricity on unreasonable grounds.

What do I do if my electricity company is blacklisted?

Review your electricity contract and the terms and conditions that apply. If you are bound by the electricity contract, you can usually choose to automatically switch your electricity contract as soon as the contract period has ended, at no extra cost. If you are not bound by the agreement, you can swap electricity contracts immediately.

Which electricity company and electricity contract should I choose?

It is important that you as a customer feel secure with your electricity company and how the electricity is produced. We at Svea Solar therefore strike a blow for renewable electricity. It is an economically sustainable alternative that is above all gentle on the environment.

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We make it easy to swap electricity contracts.

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