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Planning permission and building regulations for solar panels

Whether you need to apply for a planning permission for your villa or farm has for a long depended on which municipality you live in, because different municipalities have had different rules. But since April 2018, the installation of solar panels does not require planning permission. However, there are still some exceptions. We have summarized some bullet points to be aware of.

Normally, planning permission is not required if;

  • The solar panels are placed directly on the roof and on the same angle as the roof.
  • The solar panels are installed close to the roof of one- and two-dwelling houses.
  • The installation follows the local plan of the house or plant.

Normally, planning permission is required if;

  • The solar panels must be integrated into the facade or roofing materials.
  • The solar panels must be mounted on a stand.
  • The building you want to mount solar panels on has a high cultural-historical value, is blue-graded or green-graded.
  • The building you want to mount solar cells on is located in an area of cultural historical value.
  • The local plan states that planning permission is required.

What does the Swedish Housing Agency (Boverket) say about solar panels and planning permission?

The Housing Agency states that when it comes to planning permission for solar panels, there are exceptions that apply to both single and two-dwelling houses and other types of buildings. According to the National Board of Housing, the following criteria must be met for solar panels to be exempt from planning permission:

  • The solar panels must be mounted on the outside of a building's facade or roofing material.
  • The solar panels must follow the shape of the building.
  • The solar panels must not be mounted on buildings or in buildings that are particularly valuable.
  • The solar panels must not be mounted within or in connection with areas of national interest for the Total Defense.
  • The area's local plan should not require planning permission.

We at Svea Solar understand that there is a lot to keep track of. Contact us and we will gladly help you investigate if you need to apply for a planning permission for your house or building.

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