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Construction of the largest solar cell park in Sweden begins today

Sweden's largest photovoltaic park gets its first panel!

In Säve, a solar park will be built that is almost as large as 16 football pitches and can produce household electricity that can accommodate 1100 villas over a year.

Since the decision on the park became public, Göteborg Energi has received interest reports from the citizens of Gothenburg who want to be part of the park. It is an opportunity to share or rent part of the park. How the park practically it will be designed is not yet clear.

Project details

Svea Solar participates in the project, by supplying the solar panels and ABB technology connects the solar panels to the electricity grid. - It feels really fun to be part of building large-scale solar enrgy in Sweden. At Svea Solar, we consider it important to get a significant amount of solar energy into Sweden's energy mix and projects such as Säve solar park help to show that this can be achieved, says Erik Martinson, CEO of Svea Solar.

At the start of the meeting, Göteborg Energi's CEO Alf Engqvist and the project's collaborators Serneke, Svea Solar and ABB, participate through the representatives Ola Serneke, Erik Martinsson and Lennart Carlsson.

Svea Solar is recognized in NyTeknik


Svea Solar is a proud sponsor of GivePower


Svea Solar in Forbes

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