Is your company considering installing solar panels? SVEA Solar operates nationwide and is a Swedish market leader within the solar panel industry. Today, we have collaborations with many large companies that have chosen to install solar panels - both in order to lower their electricity bills and to make our planet a little bit greener. All of our installations are performed by our trained and certified staff who know our products inside and out.

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Sjöbo Solpark

Location: Sjöbo municipality

Installed effect:: 5,8 MW

Area: approx 18 soccer fields

Sjöbo Solar Park is great example of a profitable and sustainable solar panels investment!

The project was completed in June 2019, with its 21,000 solar panels, and is a unique investment in the Swedish energy sector. Similar investments have previously only been done in cooperation with municipal energy companies.

New Solevi

Location: Gothenburg

Installed effect:: 5,5 MW

Area: 11 acres

In the fall of 2018, SVEA Solar installed Sweden's largest solar panel system. About 20,000 panels were installed with a peak power of 5.5 MW.

Nordiska Kompaniet

Location: Stockholm

Installed effect: 28kW

Area: 180 m2

SVEA Solar has collaborated with one of Sweden's most honorable shopping destinations - Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm. Watch the video and see how SVEA Solar provides Swedish companies with future technology that cuts operating costs and strengthens the company's image.

Install solar panels without down payment using our leasing model

Did you know that we offer companies the opportunity to lease a solar cell system instead of buying it? With our leasing model you can install solar panels without a down payment. How? In 5 easy steps!

Solar panels Company
  • 1. Consultation – during a meeting we go through how a solar cell system would benefit you and what return you can expect. Installing solar panels is an investment - and should be treated accordingly!

  • 2. Planning – we do a CAD drawing of how the system can be optimized based on your particular circumstances.

  • 3. Installation – once the decision has been made, we will help you assemble and install your solar panels as agreed.

  • 4. Activation                                      - after we complete the installation, we activate the system and go through everything you need to know.

  • 5. Save money                                      - finally you can enjoy a lower electricity bill and some great PR for your business.



Are you curious about how much you can save by installing solar panels for your business? Use our solar panel calculator to estimate how much you can save. Design your solar cell system and see the results. Start by entering your address and information about your roof. After only two minutes, you will receive an estimate of how much you can save, how much solar panels will cost you and what it would look like. Discover the potential of solar panels for your business!

FAQ - solar panels for businesses

Our solar panel experts will tailor a solution according to your possibilities. Here are some common questions you may want to have a look at!

1. Prospecting: Firstly, we book an initial consultation and find out if solar energy is a good solution for your business. Then we follow up with a tailored quote.

2. Sizing: During a site visit we go through all the practical details and find out whether your property is suitable for solar panels.

3. Installation: We carry out the entire project with our own staff - ensuring full control of the outcome.

4. Finish: We hand over the documents and introduce you to our smart cloud services. After that you are ready to go. Share the positive impact among your collegues!

Yes! We operate nationwide and always work with our own staff from our local hubs - from Malmö to Skellefteå!
Our experts will take a close look at your case and recommend how many solar panels that are suitable for your company. Actually, it is not always optimal to install as many panels as the roof fits. Our experts will guide you!
The average repayment period for a company is 8-10 years and provides an return for approximately 30 years. However, each company has different circumstances. During a consultation we will find out what type of ROI you should expect.

Since 2018, you usually do not need a planning permission. However, there are some exceptions. Our experts will help you in case you need a planning permission.

We love to take on big projects! Thanks to our expertise, we have had the honor to install Sweden's largest solar panel plant and made the most roof installations at 254kWp. And all of these projects have been performed by our own skilled staff!

SVEA offers turnkey solar panel solutions - from consultation to additional services and training. We also offer complete solutions for electric car charging.

1. You will get a return of about 7-12% per year.
                                         2. You will increase the value of your property.
                                         3. You will produce your own electricity with renewable energy.

SVEA Solar was founded in 2013 with the vision to make it easier to invest in solar panels and renewable energy. Since the beginning, we have grown organically - from one office with two employees to 18 local offices with about 185 employees.

Solar panels for your business

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