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We are bringing about a global power shift of epic proportions. We will need your help.

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What We like in people

Our values - Courage - Svea Solar

Sure, it’s only a job, but dare believe that it changes the world for the better. Every day.

Our values - Innovation - Svea Solar

We have one foot in Swedish engineering, the other in Silicon Valley. We know the power of ideas.

Our values - Focus - Svea Solar

As tomorrow’s energy company we are going to reshape the energy business. Help us stay on track.

Our values - Ambition - Svea Solar

We are all about change. We have to make a difference and that means you have to make a difference.

Our values - Positivity - Svea Solar

Get this: Our product is part of the solution to the biggest problem we face today!

Our values - Smplicity - Svea Solar

A complicated solution isn’t good enough. Complicated colleagues aren’t that great, either.

Work Perks

Dynamic company

Flexible work hours

Personal Development

International outlook

Saving the planet


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