Electric car charging stations

Today, electric cars are getting more and more attention on the market - a positive trend for a greener planet. We want to help and do our part. Therefore, we offer installation of charging stations for your existing or future electric car in connection with the installation of your new solar panels.

Install a charging station for your home, business or co-op - we can help you!

Our charging stations are:

  • Compatible with all electric cars
  • Equipped with smart software
  • Water resistant (IP 66)
  • Stylish with a Scandinavian design
  • Easy to install
  • Made of recycled aluminum


Which charging station is the best? At SVEA Solar, we always keep our eyes open for the best charging stations on the market. Today we use the stylish and efficient HALO Charge Amps charging station. If the market offers something better, you will find it at SVEA Solar!

No matter what charging station we install, you will always be able to use our smart app and cloud service. With our app you can easily schedule your charging, see when the car is fully charged and see how long you have left until the battery is fully charged.

Discover all the benefits of our charging station!

Easy installation
Installing a charging station at home is both a quick and easy process! Our certified electricians perform a secure and safe installation, whether it is for your home, housing cooperative or business.

Fast charging
Charge your car day or night. Our experts will recommend which type of charging station that is suited for you based on your lifestyle and needs - so you can charge the electric car quickly and efficiently, at any time!

Stylish design
We do not compromise. Especially not when it comes to design. A SVEA Solar charging station always holds the same high-level quality as our good looking solar panels. Our chargers have a stylish minimalistic design, completely in line with a classic Scandinavian home.

Smart app
Did you know that our entire product range is made to sync with each other? This way you can easily keep track of your products through our app. Whether it is your solar energy production or the efficiency of your charging station.


We offer both type 1 and type 2 chargers. As of 2018, the type 2 charger is European standard and the most common ev charger in Swedish households. You can easily switch between a type 1 charger and a type 2 charger if you one day decide to change car.
Our electricity consultant will recommend which charging station that should be installed and is suitable for your household, co-op or company. You will then get a quote with a turnkey installation. The installation is done via a certified electrician from SVEA Solar and you can start charging later that evening.
Depending on your circumstances, our consultant will recommend either a 1-phase or 3-phase charging station. A 1-phase charger is suitable for those who want to charge at night and a 3-phase is suitable for those who want to charge the car a little faster (during the day).
The entire SVEA product range is made to sync and easily be controlled and monitored via our app.
The cost of installing a charging station varies depending on the circumstances. Usually, a charging station costs between SEK 14,000 and SEK 20,000. Feel free to request a quote and we will help you customize a solution to your needs and recommend either a 3.7kW charger or an 11kW charger.
Thanks to the charging station's nice Scandinavian design and the 7.5 m long cable, you can place the charging station on a smooth surface either indoors and outdoors (since it is water resistant).

Apart from the obvious - charging your electric car - you have lots of smart features. Thanks to the extra socket you can also charge your lawnmower and electric bike. With the charger's external WiFi antenna you can easily connect your charger and take advantage of all cool features.

You can:

– Schedule when you want to charge your electric car
– Follow the charging progress
– Optimize when you want to charge - to get the best price

Thanks to our cloud services and the charger's smart LED lighting you will get a clear overview of when the car is charging and when it is fully charged.
The charger is made of recycled aluminum and is manufactured in Sweden.

Interested in charging stations?

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