IKEA applauds the government's new solar subsidy

IKEA applauds the government's new solar subsidy

The government's extra solar support makes IKEA, who is now selling solar panels in Sweden, cheer. The furniture giant expects a high interest and that the new SEK 500 million promised by the government in investment grants will provide some extra traction.

“It is fantastic that after several years of planning we are finally getting started with solar panels even in Sweden. Complex regulations and high costs have stopped efforts before, but after the rules have been changed and the profitability of the customers is better, the time is right, ”says Jonas Carlehed, sustainability manager at IKEA Sweden.

In Sweden, Svea Solar becomes the partner. The company has previously been one of the big winners when solar panels received their breakthrough in Sweden.

"Solar energy currently accounts for 0.25 percent of total energy production in Sweden, but we see that there is a potential of almost 15 percent," says Björn Lind, Chairman of the Board of Svea Solar.

IKEA also believes that the solar panel market is facing an increase, and aims to capture a significant share of the fast-growing billion market. The main target group is homeowners.

"We are confident that we will have the best overall offer on the market, where very competitive prices have significant importance," says Jonas Carlehed.