IKEA launches solar panels in Sweden

IKEA launches solar panels in Sweden


- We have evaluated over 80 solar panel suppliers in Sweden and together with our chosen partner Svea Solar, we have packaged a comprehensive offering that enables more people to safely transition to a more sustainable everyday life, says Jonas Carlehed, sustainability manager at IKEA Sweden.

Almost every other homeowner in Sweden believes that solar energy is the renewable energy source that we will use most in the future (48%) and more than half are considering installing solar panels on the roof (54%). Results from a new survey made by Kantar Sifo commissioned by IKEA and Svea Solar.

Reduced climate impact (44%) and lower operating costs (34%) are the main reasons why Swedish homeowners want to buy solar panels, while price (39%) and lack of knowledge about solar energy (14%) are what primarily stops them.

IKEA's solar panel offering is called SOLSTRÅLE and is a complete, turnkey solar system that is customized for each customer and installed by Svea Solar. The package includes support, multiple warranties and financing options that simplifies the transition to renewable energy consumption. At a price that competes with the lowest offer on the market.

- Solar energy today accounts for 0.25 per cent of total energy production in Sweden, but we see that there is a potential of almost 15 per cent. Especially if you listen to the Swedish homeowners, simplify the buying experience and offer a safe, affordable alternative, says Björn Lind, Chairman of the Board and one of the founders of Svea Solar.

Last week, the government announced that they would like to raise another SEK 500 million in investment support for solar panels in 2019, and increase the investment support to a total of 835 million in 2020.

- This is extremely positive and a clear signal from the government that they want to position Sweden as a leading country in climate issues. To further facilitate our customers, we want investment support to be replaced by a Sol-ROT until 2021. But here and now the earmarked money is a very pleasing message and a perfect timing for our customers, says Jonas Carlehed.

The launch of SOLSTRÅLE takes place in two phases starting September 17th in Skåne, the Gothenburg area and Stockholm and the surrounding area. Before the turn of the year, the offer will be available on 95 percent of the Swedish solar market.

All sales are done digitally via sveasolar.com/se/ikea