One call - and a few weeks later you have a solar panels

One call - and a few weeks later you have a solar panels

Old notions that solar panels are expensive, complicated and ugly are no longer the truth. This is an outdated image that the solar panel installer Svea Solar disproves by making it easier to integrate renewable energy into our everyday lives.

- It is only now that the solar cell boom has come to Sweden. For example, Germany is a couple of years ahead of the development - both in terms of facilities and the knowledge of the public, says Björn Lind, one of the founders of Svea Solar.

Swedes have now opened their eyes to solar panels and Svea Solar are working to prove how easy it can be to install them.

- Many people still think it's expensive, they don't fully understand the technology and think the panels are ugly. They also do not know whom to turn to because it is a relatively new market. We want to change that, explains Björn Lind.

“We want to remove all obstacles”

Svea Solar is Sweden's largest photovoltaic installer and can offer its customers security in the transition to renewable energy. Safety, together with Simplicity and Quality, are the company key values.

- We want to remove all obstacles, so that the customer can obtain solar energy. That's why we handle the whole process, have fixed prices, long warranties and trained, certified staff. This way we can convince more people to make the switch. There are many roofs left in Sweden, says Björn Lind.

Their turnkey solar panels work just as well for villas as larger commercial buildings and large-scale solar parks. In addition, they are one of the few players in the market who handle the whole process in-house - without intermediaries.

- It is related to our key values. It becomes easier and safer for both us and the customer when we do not have to deal with subcontractors - and it's more efficient. We have complete control over the process, which means that the customer gets a high quality final product faster, says Björn Lind and continues:

- You call us and a few weeks later your new solar panels are in place.

Constantly satisfied customers

When reading customer reviews about Svea Solar's aolar panels, you notice that their strategy has worked - high ratings are consistent.

- Customer satisfaction and quality is everything to us. That is why we also invest in our staff. Just as with our customers, we want to have long-term relationships with our employees, which also leads to better service for our customers, says Björn Lind.

New concept with integrated solar panels

Today, the company focuses mainly on solar panels for roofs, but as more and more people now see the possibilities of solar energy, Svea Solar can expand its product portfolio:

- It is fun that solar energy adjoins so many other markets - everything from batteries to charging stations for electric cars and integrated solar panels, says Björn Lind.

Just integrated solar panels are something that Svea Solar has just begun to offer, and which they are noticing is in great demand. Many people who are going to install solar panels will also have to redecorate their roof and with integrated solar panels you do not need to redo the roof before, instead you do it simultaneously.

- It is still a very new concept and no one except us can offer it on a national scale, concludes Björn Lind.