Why renewable energy is the new norm

Why renewable energy is the new norm

For most people, it shouldn't come as surprise that one of the biggest environmental culprits is the burning of fossil fuels - like coal, gas and oil. In addition, fossil fuels are so-called non-renewable energy, which we are running out of at a raging pace. No matter where you stand politically, it's important to see renewable energy as the answer to our future global electricity supply!

48% of the population believes that solar energy will be the primary energy source, of the renewable alternatives in 20 years.

54% of Swedish homeowners are considering buying solar panels for their rooftops.

39% of those households considering buying solar panels are still interested, even if the government funds would be removed.

Electricity produced in a renewable way, also called green electricity, is energy we can consume with a good conscience. It spares both nature and public health from general environmental degradation and air pollution.

The advantage of producing electricity with solar panels, compared to other renewable energy alternatives, is that you as a consumer own your own production of electricity and can easily sell back your excess electricity to the electric grid. With a solar panel system on your rooftop, you as a home or business owner can reduce your electricity costs in the long run and be independent.

As mentioned, more than half of the Swedish households are considering acquiring solar panels, and 39% of them are still interested in installing solar panels, even if the government would withdraw grants. This, if anything, is a clear sign that green electricity is moving towards becoming the new norm for Swedish households.


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