Sjöbo gets Sweden's largest solar park

Sjöbo gets Sweden's largest solar park

That's what the municipal council Magnus Weberg (M) revealed at the municipal council's meeting on Wednesday evening.

Svea Solar will construct the solar park at the Sjöbo power grid power station at Tågra. The landowner, Karl-Axel Dahlgren, is one of the stakeholders together with private investor Leif Johansson.

- Investors have looked at ten different investments. That they ultimately chose Sjöbo was due to three things: the nature of the land, the location of the power station - and the excellent response they received from both Sjöbo's electricity grid and the administrations, said Magnus Weberg.

An investment in the future energy source for a sustainable future

The investment is estimated at SEK 40 million, and the construction will begin next year.

- The construction time is estimated to be two months, and it will take about 25 people to build it, Magnus Weberg said.

The operation will also require some staff - although there is relatively little maintenance on photovoltaic plants.

In a press release, Erik Martinsson, CEO of Svea Solar, explains that the land will continue to be used for wheat.

- It's a big investment and we are building commercially, not non-profit, even if we do this sustainably, says Svea Solar's Erik Martinsson CEO / partner.

- We have gone around looking for a good place to build on. Now we found it in Sjöbo. We are careful to build on land that can continue to function as pasture. We do not claim the best arable land.

Investor Leif Johansson believes that solar energy is "the energy source of the future".

- Solar panels do not disturb, do not shade and is not visable in distance. Everything about solar panels is positive, he says.

A thousand villas get electricity from the sun

The future solar park will use about 12 hectares - which corresponds to 16 football pitches. It should be able to produce household electricity for 1000 villas.

Magnus Weberg believes that the plant fits well in Sjöbo municipality, which has large areas of protected nature and aims to be fossil-free.

- 2020, all municipal transport will roll without fossil fuel, he says, pointing out that the municipality's Vision 2034 is about making Sjöbo attractive as a housing municipality through sustainability in various forms.

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