Solar panels grant - how it works!

Solar panels grant - how it works!

Are there grants for solar panels?

The answer is YES! At Svea Solar we help you with all questions regarding tax deduction, grants and subsidies - for both companies and homeowners. Let's have a closer look at different resources that you can take advantage of when installing solar panels for your villa, property or facility.

Use the "ROT-deduction"!

Several of our customers wonder if you can use "the ROT deduction" (ROT-avdrag) when installing solar panels. Yes, you can. Thanks to the ROT deduction, you are entitled to a 30% tax reduction of the labor cost, but only up to SEK 50,000 per person per year.

As a Swedish citizen, you also have the opportunity to use the ROT deduction in other EU / ESS countries than Sweden. Take advantage of the opportunity to deduct part of the labor cost when it is time to install solar panels at your holiday home in Spain.

Do not forget to fill in the amount under “Tax Reductions” in your tax return and remember that the ROT deduction cannot be combined with the state issued grant.

Government grants for solar panels

The Swedish government wants to promote solar energy and has thus allocated funds to support the expansion of solar panels. Both companies and private households can apply for it.

The grant is distributed to all of Sweden's counties, and is available for as long as the budget lasts. With the increased demand for solar panels, there is an application queue. It means that you cannot always expect to receive a contribution to your solar panel installation the same year as you apply. Also, depending on which county you live in the waiting time may differ.

Good to know about the solar panel grant:

  • The grant applies to all types of solar panel systems that are connected to a network
  • You can receive a maximum of 20% of the installation (both material and work)
  • You can receive a maximum of SEK 1.2 million per system and property
  • The grant cannot be combined with other grants, such as the ROT deductions.

How do I apply for a solar panel grant?

In Sweden, the County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen) is responsible for handling and deciding which candidates that are eligible for a solar panel grant.

If you as a company want to apply for a solar panel grant, it is important you submit your application before the project has begun. As a rule, the project is considered "started" when you enter a purchase agreement.

As a homeowner, the grant application must be sent within 6 months from the project start for your application to be valid. However, you can start building and installing solar cells even if you have not made a decision.

Two ways to submit your application:

We at Svea Solar recommend that you submit your application as soon as you know the number of solar panels you can install. If something should change before you make a decision, you can contact your supervisor at the County Administrative Board and edit your application with updated information.

Need help to fill out the application?

Our team of experts are happy to help you calculate how much solar panels your property is able to handle and the expected labor costs for your installation.

Contact us and we will guide you step by step!