Can I have solar panels on my roof?

Can I have solar panels on my roof?

What you need to know about solar panels and different roofs!

We at Svea Solar often get questions regarding solar panels and roofs:

  • "Which angle is best?"
  • "What happens if my roof faces southwest?"
  • "Can I integrate solar cells directly into the roof tiles?"

In the following blog posts, we work out some of the most common questions about solar panels and roofs that we hear from our customers.

Which direction should solar panels face for optimal efficiency?

The sun is at its highest point in south. Therefore, roofs facing south usually have the best conditions for solar panels, since you want the sun to reach the solar cells during the majority of the days sunny hours.

If you have a roof with solar panels in a south-east or in a south-west direction, you will probably lose about 6 percent of annual production compared to roofs in a southern direction. When it comes to roofs facing east or west, you can expect to produce about 20 percent less solar energy compared to a roof that has solar panels facing south.

Angle of roof for solar

Which angle is best for the solar panels?

The best angle on your solar panels depends on where in Sweden you live. If you want to install solar panels on a roof in northern Sweden, we would recommend an angle of 35 degrees. However, if you live in southern Sweden, we recommend an angle of about 45 degrees to get the maximum effect from your solar panels. As a reference, an "average villa roof" usually has an angle of 40-45 degrees, which is excellent for solar panels.

In the table below you can see how the combination of direction and angle of the roof affect the effect of your solar panels.

However, we want to emphasize that the angle of the roof does not affect the production of solar energy to the extent that one can imagine. If your solar panels have an angle that differs up to 10 degrees from an optimal angle, it will only produce about 2 percent lower output than the maximum. Given that you do not have dirt or snow on the solar panels..

What angle of roof is best for solar?

Can you have solar panels on a flat roof?

Yes, you can have solar panels on a flat roof! If your roof has an angle below 5–6 degrees, we recommend installing solar panels that are slightly angled. When we install solar panels on a flat roof, we ensure that your solar panels get an angle of about 15-20 degrees in a southern direction, for the best possible results!

Can I integrate solar panels into the roof?

Absolutely! We offer integrated solar cells in roof tiles for villas. By integrating the solar cells directly into the tiles, you get a stylish solar roof with the same effect as a "regular" solar cell plant.

Is your roof suitable for solar panels?

We are convinced that your roof and solar panels are a perfect match! Try our solar panel calculator to see how much you can save per month if you had solar panels on your roof.