Svea Solar x IKEA

Svea Solar x IKEA

Starting fall 2019, we at Svea Solar partner with IKEA in order to supply the everyday home with solar panels.

- IKEA will give us a proper push, while we already have high growth plans, says Björn Lind, chairman and co-owner of Svea Solar, in an article on, which follows:

The Swedish Energy Agency predicts that solar energy can account for 14 percent of the total electricity generation in year 2040. Today it stands for about 0.2 percent.

- There is enormous potential. In terms of electricity grids and solar radiation, our conditions and Germany's are similar. There, solar energy accounts for 8 percent of electricity generation, says Björn Lind.

The products are called "SOLSTRÅLE" - same as in the countries where solar panels are already in the product range: Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Poland and Switzerland. In the UK, sales are on pause following changed tax rules.

Two variants of the solar cells are to be released: a standard blue model and a black, more efficient model. IKEA sells the solar panels, while Svea Solar handles the solutions, quotation and installation. The main sales channel will be IKEA's website.

Each panel is 1.67 meters high and 1 meter wide. For a normal-sized villa, 20-40 panels are needed, which cover 30-70 percent of the electricity bill. Through the energy company's app, customers will be able to follow their production of renewable electricity.

The launch is rolled out in two rounds. Sales start in the metropolitan areas during Q3 2019.

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