Svea Solar is a proud sponsor of GivePower

Svea Solar is a proud sponsor of GivePower

Sustainable entrepreneurship is a no brainer for us at Svea Solar and we take responsibility for having a positive impact on society, locally as well as globally. That's why we donate part of our annual profits to charities.

When you choose to buy Svea Solar's spolar panels you e.g. contribute to the installation of solar-powered desalination plants in Kenya that provide communities with clean drinking water for 20 years. Each solar panel we install in Swedish homes thus contributes to filtering water to the equivalent of approximately 53 glasses of pure water.

Right now we install about 21 solar panels every hour - equal to about 9.5 million glasses of clean water every year!

If you ask us, companies have a responsibility for their impact on society, whether it is about the environment, human rights or e.g. working conditions - worldwide. Therefore, we make sure to support charities that provide communities with both the right resources and knowledge to create sustainable solutions.

We are Sweden's leading solar panel supplier and a steadily growing business in an increasingly globalized world. Therefore, it feels particularly relevant that we donate a percentage of our annual profit to organizations such as GivePower, who use solar panels to strengthen communities from within, in a sustainable and long-term way, says Nolan Gray, partner at Svea Solar.