Congratulations Mathilda – the winner of Svea Solar Scholarship 2021

Congratulations Mathilda – the winner of Svea Solar Scholarship 2021

Working with Svea Solar Scholarship we have been looking for students with an interest and a will to work for sustainable development and renewable energy. The newly established scholarship, which aims to encourage students to study and develop sustainability, is awarded by Svea Solar.

After reviewing applications from a dozen higher education institutions around Sweden, now it is official and the winner of the 2021 Solar Scholarship is 23-year-old Mathilda Cederblad in Västerås!

Mathilda is a student at Mälardalen University where she studies a master's engineering program with a focus on energy systems. The scholarship from Svea Solar comprises SEK 15,000 – a scholarship that Mathilda says will be used this summer to be able to participate in a project at Mälardalen University with a focus on optimizing energy systems with the help of artificial intelligence.

Mathilda Cederblad in Västerås!

How does it feel to be Svea Solar's first scholarship holder?

– It feels absolutely fantastic! If we ignore how cool it is to be the first one to receive a scholarship and that the scholarship makes it possible for me to work in an unpaid, but very interesting, project about the use of AI in energy, then Svea Solar is a company that feels just right in time.

Why have chosen to study engineering with a focus on energy systems and the environment?

– When I went to high school, I realized what consequences the climate crisis will have and that we don’t have time to let someone else solve the problems. I simply wanted to be a part of the solution. Since I have always been interested in engineering, how things work and how to make them better, the choice of education as an energy engineer felt obvious to me as it means that I can have the opportunity to make a difference by doing things I really like. That is why I am now studying the master's degree program in energy systems at Mälardalen University.

What do you think is the key to a more sustainable future?

– For me as a future energy engineer, it is natural to look at sustainability from an energy perspective. A sustainable energy system requires renewable sources where two of the major problems are competitiveness and storage. I think AI can be part of the solution to both problems. If AI is used in the manufacturing process of the energy to optimize it, the cost can hopefully be reduced per kW produced until the renewable energy can compete with more traditional energy sources such as coal and oil. Another very important perspective for all types of sustainability is widespread cooperation, across both occupational groups and national borders.

Erik Martinson is the CEO and founder of Svea Solar.
– We are very happy to have received so many applications from students around the country, it is an exciting way for us to be able to help students who in some way work for a more sustainable future. Mathilda's application stood out because she has such a clear determination and interest in artificial intelligence and energy issues – a topic that is an important part of the work towards a more sustainable future.

About Svea Solar Scholarship:

Svea Solar Scholarship is a scholarship from Svea Solar aimed at university and college students who have a great interest in sustainable development and renewable energy. The scholarship is not only aimed at those who have a study specialization in environment and sustainability, but all students who have a burning interest in sustainability and renewable energy can apply for it.