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Switch to 100% clean energy with our energy contract

Lower your energy consumption while contributing to worldwide sustainability

Energy Calculator

The perfect energy contract to your solar system

Dynamic energy price

We offer a dynamic price per hour, good for both your wallet and the planet.

Environmental approved

We have a fossil-free electricity agreement that is certified and approved by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

Complete overview

Smooth and effortless monitoring for your energy consumption and production on one screen through our app.

Sign an electricity contract

Read more about what our electricity agreement includes


Solar energy

We both buy and sell electricity that is only produced from the sun. All our electricity is certified with Bra Miljöval. Support the expansion of solar in Sweden.


Binding time

No binding time. Change if you are not satisfied.


Smooth switch

Provide us with your information and we will handle the transition with your network owner and current supplier for you. Track the status of your change in the app.



With our app, you get a full overview of your electricity consumption, costs and climate footprint. Everything gathered in one place.

Svea solar - green energy mobile app
Energy Calculator

Did you know?

28% of the world has switched to clean energy.
Help us improve that.

Source: Global Energy Review

Our Process

We make it effortless for you to switch to clean electricity.

Sign agreement

Calculate your personal cost with our price calculator and sign an agreement to take the step towards 100% solar energy.

We take care of your swap

We contact your current supplier and ensure that the change to Svea Solar takes place seamlessly.

Use 100% solar power

Track your consumption and production in the app to see how you can save money and carbon dioxide emissions.

Energy calculator

Clean energy in just a few seconds. See your price breakdown and shift your power today.

Get your energy price

We buy your solar energy that you do not use

calculate what you can get


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