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Housing cooperatives

The easy solar coop choice

Does your housing cooperative have one or more roofs at its disposal? Then there is little reason not to make the power shift. Cutting costs and improving service while contributing to a greener planet with solar panels is only a small step away.

Our all-inclusive solution requires a minimum of work on your part. As long as preconditions are right, we deliver the entire package with energy contracts, batteries, and charging stations for your members’ electric vehicles. Solar panels reduce your coop’s energy costs from day one and with Svea Solar your surplus always turns a profit.

A win-win investment

We believe Svea Solar has the smoothest and most predictable process on the market for installing solar panels for housing cooperatives. The entire project – from the first plans to finished and up-and-running solar solution – is handled by our own experienced teams.

Break-even usually takes 8 to 12 years, with a lifespan of approximately 40 years. The economical as well as the environmental difference is made visible: Coop members can monitor the system in real time on their phones and computers.

Svea Solar smart solution:

Our technical way of doing things can also cut further costs: Providing your solar coop with a common electricity plan – “Svea Smart Grid” – makes it is possible to monitor and charge members separately and more economically. But first things first:

  • We visit your premises and carry out a pilot study and do the maths.
  • A suggestion is presented at a coop meeting. If you want, we can attend.
  • Our experienced team handles the entire project from start to finish.
  • The board inherits the energy contract, making the coop both consumer and producer.
  • Maintenance and service is carried out according to agreement.

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