Mounting solar panels on your home offers several benefits such as lower electricity costs, reduced dependence on rising electricity prices and better control of your energy consumption - while also making an effort to support the environment.

By choosing SVEA Solar's solar panels, you will get both the best functionality and design on the market. We advocate “smart systems” that provide optimal production. You can easily monitor production and, if necessary, request service for your solar panels. For residential installations, we only use black solar panels because they look better on almost all roofs. That way we raise the standard for solar panels in Sweden.


Are you going to build a house or renovate your roof?

At SVEA Solar, we do not only install solar panels - we also renovate entire roofs and install integrated solar panels! This is a good option for anyone who is going to rebuild or renovate their roof.

Normally, integrating solar panels are quite expensive, but if you do it in connection with a roof renovation, the price will be about the same as for a standard solar panel installation. Thanks to our extensive experience, we also offer detailed concepts and stand as a total contractor towards you as a customer.

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about solar panels for homes.

Why solar panels?

Take control of your energy costs

With nuclear power that either must be renewed or discontinued and with increasing grid fees, going forward, most aspects indicate increased electricity prices. With solar panels you assure that the electricity bills will be low for many years to come.

Save money

Solar energy is currently cheaper than energy from the electricity grid, so you save money by reducing costs. We offer free site visits and customized offers tailored to your home.

Make an effort for the environment

Solar energy creates 91% less CO2 emissions than natural gas and 96% less than carbon. Solar panels are an important sustainable energy source for our common future.

Increase the value of your home

With solar panels, you reduce the operating costs for your household. If the panels are installed in an aesthetically pleasing way, they will also increase the value of your residence.

Why SVEA Solar?

The price

As SVEA Solar has exclusive agreements with leading manufacturers, we can offer you a good price without having to compromise on quality.
Read more about our prices

The quality

Don't become a victim of an "installation scam". Do your research on the web! We only supply solar panels and equipment from well-known market players, backed with strong guarantees and we have all the necessary permits to install solar panels.

The service

Teamwork is an important part of our business. At SVEA Solar, we work together to ensure that our customers always are satisfied, even after the installation is completed. Meet our team of installers and electricians on our About Us page.

Our references

We have installed over 45,000 solar panels in Sweden and another 5,000 in other parts of Scandinavia. See our reference page to see installations we have made near you.

Common question about solar panels

Optimal areas are obstacle free roofs without shade, facing south and with a angle of around 35 degrees. Even if your roof is not in an optimal position, a solar panel plant can still be profitable for you. Systems installed in a straight easterly or westerly direction lose about 15 to 20 percent of production, which simply means that the payment plan period will be a few years longer for such a plant. With the "smart solar panels" we install, the solar panels can be placed in different directions and inclinations independent of one another. This is not possible in a traditional plant. With “smart solar panels”, the plant also becomes less sensitive to shadows, which means that the solar panels can be placed closer to shady objects, such as chimneys and other objects. This makes that it is possible to find a good surface for solar panels on most rooftops.

Normally, planning permission are not required as long as the solar panels are placed in the same angle as the roof. Many municipalities follow the following principles:

  • Normally, planning permission are not needed when the solar panels are close to the roof.
  • If the solar panels are put on a frame you will most likely need planning permission.
  • Larger panels or panels on culturally valuable buildings require planning permission.

Solar panels are sensitive to shade because solar panels in a traditional plant are connected in series. Hence, the weakest link always restricts all other solar panels in that loop. To avoid this, we use only “smart solar panels” where the units are connected in parallel and thus do not limit each other.

Yes, we can arrange the renovation of your roof as well as the installation of solar panels. You will get a fixed total price, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Today we offer 2 different types of integrated solar panels - Standard or Premium. Read more about these here.

Let us help you, request a free quote!

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Integrated Premium

The premium system consists of a solar panel designed like a flat roof tile. The solar panel was developed by the company SolarStone, which has SVEA Solar as its exclusive installer in Sweden.

The solar panel is laid just like a regular boiler and screwed directly into the carrier. With this system you get an aesthetically pleasing solar roof with the same effect as a "regular" solar cell plant. The target price for the surface where the solar cells are placed is approximately SEK 3400 / sqm and 185 W / sqm.

Integrated Standard

The solution we call Standard consists of ordinary whole-black photovoltaic modules integrated into the roof. The modules are placed on rails that have a built-in seal and the rails in turn are screwed directly into the carrier. No holes are made in the cardboard, which means that the guarantees for the roof exist.

We customize all our facilities so that you get a system that fits your requirements. The target price for the surface where the solar cells are placed is approximately SEK 2400 / sqm and 185 W / sqm.