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Solar Standard


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SEK 84,000
SEK 1,280/ month
  • Can be installed on any roof
  • Very economical
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SEK 88,000
SEK 1,440/ month
  • Fully installed solar system package
  • High efficiency
  • Aesthetic all black design
  • Suitable for villas
  • Very competitive warranty
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SEK 160,000
SEK 2,640/ month
  • Fully installed solar system package
  • Become part of the roof
  • Highly attractive design
  • Very competitive warranty
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A solar panel for all roofs

Svea Solar makes it easy to buy solar panels and make the shift to green energy. Our teams do all the work in every step until your solar roof is up and running. You can look forward to spending your energy with a clean conscience – it’s solar!

A cost-effective solution

We have made a well-informed choice of hardware for you, making it easy to choose suitable solar panels for your needs and conditions: Standard, premium or roof-integrated. The standard model is energy-effective as well as cost-effective and suits every kind of roof, from villas to businesses and farm property.


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