All prices are preliminary and after subsidies.
The monthly price is calculated using a 5-year payment plan.

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Use our calculator to design your own solar panel system and to get a more specific estimate of your savings, cost, payment time, environmental impact and much more.

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How solar panels work


1. The sunlight hits the panels on the house roof and DC is formed.

2. The electricity is fed to an inverter which converts the DC into a normal 230 V alternating current.

3. The electricity is passed on to the house's power plant for use in the house.

4. An electricity meter that registers the electricity that is output from the house and is installed on the electricity grid (made by the network owner at no extra cost). Thus, you can receive compensation for the energy that is not consumed by your own household.

Follow your solar energy

By downloading an app on your phone or tablet, or by logging into the portal on your computer, all information from your solar panels are available no matter where you are. In the app, energy production is presented in real time as well as production history. You can track how your savings increase over time and see the coal consumption that you and your plant have saved society. This is also a convenient way to see if production suddely decreases and in that way quickly detect any errors that may have occurred.



Expert or novice, no matter what we will help you. At SVEA we make it easy to buy solar panels.

Ofcourse! Besides being an environmental effort, investing in solar panels is also justifed economically. The repayment period is usually about 8-13 years depending on your circumstances. Meaning, it's an investment with about 8-10% return.
The electricity that you produce but do not use is sent to the electricity grid. Your energy company will later pay you for this electricity. In addition, all micro-producers are allowed a tax reduction of an additional SEK 0.60 per kWh on all excess electricity, which will be printed on your annual income declaration. You also get electricity certificates on the electricity sold because it is renewable and a utility benefit when it is produced locally and thus reduces the energy losses in the nearby grid.

The tax reduction applies to all producers who have a 100A fuse or less, and to all electricity that sells up to their own consumption. For example, if you produces 11,000 kWh but only consumes 10,000 kWh for a given year, you are entitled to a tax reduction of 10,000 * 0.6 = SEK 6,000.

How much electricity you get from the system depends on a number of factors and therefore a clear answer can rarely be given. Generally, between 17-20% of the incoming solar energy is converted into electricity. Usually the amount of electricity, ie the number of kWh, is produced per installed kW. This figure usually ranges from 800 - 1100 kWh / kW, mainly due to the annual solar radiation and the direction and inclination of the panels. Other factors affecting production are shading, temperature, snow cover, soiling etc.
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Normally, planning permission are not required as long as the solar modules are placed directly on the roof and in the same slope. Many counties follow the following principles:

    planning permission
  • Planning permission are not needed when the solar panels are close to the roof of one- and two-dwelling houses.
  • If, on the other hand, you put the solar panels on a scaffolding then planning permission are required.
  • Larger panels or panels of culturally valuable buildings also require planning permission.

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Contact us, we will help to check if building permits are required for you.

Clean roof areas without shade that are facing south with a slope of around 40 degrees is optimal conditions. With a southwestern or southeastern direction, about 6 percent of annual production is lost and a slope of 40 degrees ± 10 degrees gives about 2 percent lower production. Thus, installation of solar panels can be profitable even if the optimum conditions are not met. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation!

Stockholm City and Gothenburg Energy have created solar maps to investigate how the solar radiation is on individual rooftops in the cities. Follow the links below.

Contact us, we will help to check if planning permission is required for you.

At SVEA, we take care of the whole process for you as a customer. After a consultation with one of our technicians, we design a customized system for your villa. We then handle applications for the necessary permits and then install the facility with our own trained staff. We make it easy for you as a customer and with us you get a contact point that you can always contact to get answers to any questions.

We primarily work with the suppliers Trina Solar and Q-cells, which are two tier-1 suppliers in the industry. Quality is important to us and we have carefully selected the supplier of our products.

Normally we have 1-2 months delivery time. Then the installation takes about 1-3 days for a regular villa.

Since the sun is lower during the winter season, the angle of incidence becomes less beneficial, which means that energy production naturally becomes somewhat smaller, but if you want the system to generate as much as possible, the panels must be kept snow-free. Snow up to about a centimeter deep can still be penetrated with sunlight. Furthermore, if the panels are mounted at the right angle, thicker layers of snow will gladly slip off, especially in thunderstorms. We therefore do not recommend that you get up on the roof with the fall risk it involves to remove the snow yourself.
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When the snow settles on the panels, the production from the solar panels is somewhat limited. However, the panels are very slippery, which means that snow easily slides off the panels. The panels also generate some heat when the sun is up which will also help you get rid of the snow.

The yearly product development is very marginal. Generally speaking, you can say that the savings you make in a year will be greater than the improvement in the product. This is also reflected in prices, given the amount of solar panels installed today.

Today we offer two different types of integrated solar cells, which we call Standard and Premium.

The standard package consists of traditional black solar panels that fold into the ceiling. Our integrated Premium solar cells are smaller in shape and installed in a way that makes them almost look like regular roof tiles. We have noticed that the development of solar cells is moving more and more towards roof-integrated solutions and as Sweden's leading player, we are obviously involved in driving this development forward!

SVEA Solar has a complete concept with solar panels, charging stations, batteries and green energy contract that we adapt to your particular household. With a combination of these products we can ensure that all your electricity is 100% green. In addition, we have our own app that gives you a good overview where you can see when you consume your electricity but also customize your own behavior.

We offer free site visits and quotes tailored to your villa - fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will help you!

By purchasing solar panels you take a big step towards self-sufficiency by producing your own pure solar energy. This makes you more independent of rising electricity prices while making an effort for the environment.

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We offer you the best quality at the right price. Buying solar panels is a safe long-term investment, which we can offer with different financing solutions.

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We have carefully selected the suppliers we work with. The installations are performed by our specially trained staff to ensure the right skills and quality.

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Electricity from solar panels is considerably cheaper than the ordinary electricity purchased from the electricity grid. With solar panels you will tie your electricity price at a low level for many years to come.

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Customized solar package for you

We offer complete photovoltaic packages throughout the country and make it easy to install photovoltaic cells by taking care of the entire process for you as a customer. We are Sweden's leading solar cell installer with local offices in most of the country. We work on the basis of our three key words - Easy and Safe with Quality. Learn more about our various solar cell packages for villas, farms and businesses.