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Choose between leasing your solarpanels
or finance them through a solar loan

We offer leasing or customized solar loans to you as a private person

Finance your solar investment

To make it easy for you who want to invest in sustainable energy, we offer several payment solutions that can be customized to your individual needs.

Solar Calculator

With leasing or a solar loan, you can save from the first month

Solar panels have a high return, which means that your savings start immediately and not after your payoff time is due.

Calculate what you can get

Overview for leasing

To make it even easier to contribute to a sustainable energy transition, we offer leasing / rental of solar cells for a fixed monthly fee without investment.


With Svea Solar's unique leasing offer, you get solar cells risk-free without investment costs. For a fixed monthly fee, we tailor an offer just for you. Throughout the contract period, which runs over 20 years, we offer an extended product and function guarantee so that you as a customer can safely contribute to a sustainable energy transition. You can terminate your lease with a 6-month notice period at any time during the contract period for a notice fee.

An example solar panels system of SEK 110,000
  • Fixed monthly rent
  • Svea Solar owns and maintains the solarsystem
  • Opportunity to take over the system or terminate for a fee
Cost you:
  • 950 kr per month
  • Contract duration of 20 years
Benefits you:
  • 570 kr savings per month
  • 20 year warranty from Svea Solar
  • No investment, use your money where it benefits you the best

Easy and flexible estimation

Use our solar calculator to easily calculate your house potential for solar panels with four different financial solutions

Solar calculator

Overview solar loan

To make it easy for you who want to invest in sustainable energy, we offer various solar loans with selected partners


Together with Ikano Bank, we offer an unsecured loan with a long-term loan with a low interest rate of 3.90% *. For villas with the right conditions, this can mean savings from the first month. Of course, you can pay off the entire loan at any time.


We offer the option to bundle your solar system with your mortgage. Together with our partner Stabelo, we can offer a mortgage with low-interest rates in order to make your solar investment profitable already from the first month.

An example of a 100 000 kr loan
  • 0.85 percent interest
  • Straight-line amortization over 12 years
  • Notification and administration fee of 0 kr
Cost you:
  • 70 000 kr after 12 years
  • Total payment on average 820 kr per month for 12 years
  • Amortization of 9 300 kr per year for 12 years
Benefits you:
  • 5 700 kr savings per month
  • Solar system with 27 panels
  • 9 500 kWh of energy produced per year


How to get solar panels through a financial solution

Choose your solar system solution

Begin designing your solar system by measuring your roof and choose the right solar panel for you in our solar calculator. Compare and estimate different payment methods directly in the calculator.


One of our experts will provide you with a quote and walk you through the preparations for the installation.

Choose financing solution

Our solar experts will provide you with information on the different payment options to help find a suitable solution for you.

Apply for financing

Apply for a mortgage or a loan through our trusted partners.


To make it as effortless and safe as possible, our experienced installers take care of the entire installation process.


You are now ready to start producing you own electricity. Keep track of your production and consumption in the Svea Solar App.



Solar Loan

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