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Svea Solar park

Build your own solar park or get energy access to ours.

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What do we solve for you?


Technical design with highest return on investment.


Turnkey installation of the solar park.


Maintain and monitor your park throughout the lifetime.

Our product

The benefits of building large scale solar parks



Large scale is the most cost-efficient way of building solar energy.



If you do not have enough roofs to cover your energy needs, ground mount solar is the way to go.



Solar parks can enable white-listed species to have an undisturbed place to spread.

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Our highlights

Get inspired by our large scale solar parks

Our services

Get the access & benefits without having your own solar park


Power Purchase Agreement

Corporations are able to contribute by adding new renewable electricity without having to take care of the operations or finance the solar park.



The park will be maintained by Svea Solar all year round and guarantee safe production.


Secured prices

Have predictability against rising electricity prices in the future.

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Our Process

What does the journey look like?

1. Contact

A meeting on your premises and help identify surfaces that are suitable for your solar panels.

2. Consultancy

Through our partners, we can also suggest financing for your solar park. As well as insurance.

3. Design

We will propose the technical design, choice of components, and other considerations for an optimized design.

4. Installation

Turnkey installation and on-site management. Mechanical and electrical work included.

5. Maintenance

We monitor the production and maintain the solar park to ensure a project lifetime of over 40 years.

Our blog posts

Learn more about our products and how you can contribute to a more sustainable future

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