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An experienced organization and a solid track record makes Svea Solar a perfect partner for large scale commercial solar projects. No matter how big or small your project, our experienced teams carry out all the work for you, from the very first plans to up-and-running solar farm. Contact us for more information.

A solar farm is not only an investment in a brighter future for the planet, it is an investment in a sustainable business. It’s a win-win situation: The sun is not going to stop shining any time soon – and humanity is not going to stop consuming energy.

Be part of the solution

The planet is facing a total power shift to smarter energy systems, that’s a fact. In the long run no source of energy comes anywhere close to the potential of the sun:

Every hour the earth’s surface receives more solar energy than what all of humanity uses up in the course of a year!

Geography, latitude, distances, climate, and more, make this an abstract way of thinking, but the fact remains: Energy from the sun will be the solution to how humanity produces and consumes energy in the future. A commercial solar farm with hard-working solar panels is a big step in this direction.

Power shift with Svea Solar:

  • Contact us. We will suggest a meeting on your premises and we will help you identify surfaces that are suitable for solar panels.
  • We will propose the technical design and handle building permits and any other bureaucracy required to get started. Our knowhow speeds things up.
  • Through our partners we can also suggest financing for your solar farm.
  • Our teams install the pv system in its entirety. We have local offices and employ the best contractors.
  • We are your service partner. Our teams carry out service and maintenance and make sure your solar farm lives up to your expectations.

Own Your Power

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