Warranty on solar panels and installation

We use our own certified electricians and installers

We at SVEA Solar want you to feel safe and secure when investing in                  solar panels. That's why we offer a long warranty on our solar panels and install the systems using our own certified staff. Thanks to our local offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Jönköping, Karlshamn (and others) we can cut transport costs - and further reduce the environmental impact! As our customer, you will receive the best possible price and service. With more than 120 employees, all experienced in the solar energy industry,                  we assure your quality throughout the process. We always focus on the customer by ensuring security, simplicity and profitability.

We ensure that our product is the best on the market, we therefore offer a generous warranty on our products and installation:

  • – 5 years on the work performed
  • – 5-year functional warranty
  • – 10-year product warranty on solar cells (from Trina Solar)
  • – 12-year product warranty on inverters (from Solar Edge)
  • – 25-year product warranty on optimizers (from solar Edge)
  • – 20-year effect guarantee 80% on solar cells (from Trina Solar)

Certification, training and management systems - we take responsibility

We, at SVEA Solar, have all the necessary permits and management system to take care of your solar panel installation in the best way possible, both for homes and larger businesses. Our project managers are trained in BAS-U and BAS-P and have many years of experience in the solar energy industry.

SVEA Solar also has an environmental management system developed                    according to ISO 14001, and a quality management system developed                    according to ISO 9001. Our installers and project managers have                    also undergone internal as well as external training within                    solar panel installation, roof security and scaffolding assembly.

Meaning that SVEA Solar install solar panels with self-trained staff for your safety.