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Power is shifting. Welcome to Svea Solar.

forget life on mars

We like it here

Some people dream about colonizing Mars. Dreaming is nice. But in reality, life in space would be cold, barren, and boring. While earth on the other hand is an excellent planet for living. We have the sun at exactly the right distance to power everything. And an atmosphere with super comfortable temperatures and lots of clean air. Let’s just keep it that way. How’s that for a dream?


When you buy a solar power system from Svea Solar we take care of everything for you - from design to installation. All you have to do is get used to being a producer as well as a consumer of smart energy. Choose between standard, premium or roof-integrated solar panels.

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We believe that renewable energy should be available to everyone. That’s why your energy contract from Svea Solar guarantees 100% green energy. What’s more: If you do own a solar power system, then sign up for our energy contract and we’ll buy your excess solar energy for above market price.


A charging station means you can take your solar energy on the road. At Svea Solar we have developed a high-quality model of our own, with three-phase technology for high capacity and high security, and with smart functions. Looks as good as your car – and your lifestyle.


Our batteries are there for you to capture your produced solar energy. What's more, your energy company is required to pay for solar energy you don’t use. The price fluctuates – which is why our batteries automatically store your surplus when the price is low, and sell when it’s high. That’s what we call outsmarting your energy company.


Our app helps you take control over your energy consumption. You don’t have to own solar panels or have to be our customer (but it helps).

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