Highlights from our 2023 sustainability report

Highlights from our 2023 sustainability report

One thing is evident, you don’t get bored in the solar industry. If 2022 was the year Europe finally awakened and started to grasp the potential of solar power, 2023 was the year batteries entered European homes. As a company, we continued our growth journey with over 204 MW installed in 2023, and we entered a new mature solar market – Italy.

What we do best from a sustainability perspective is to phase out fossil fuels and speed up the transition to a fully renewable system. This year we managed to avoid close to three megatonnes of CO2 emissions by adding 204 MW solar energy to the European energy mix.

Since our foundation, we have installed over 565 MW and thereby avoided emissions equal to 7.17 megatonnes of CO2. This is equivalent to the annual electricity use for 1.4 million homes.

Other highlights from our 2023 sustainability report:

  • We inaugurated two new Training Centers, in Stockholm and Cologne, to address the lack of solar installers in Europe.
  • We did over 1,800 safety walks, making sure that our installations lived up to our high safety standards.
  • We introduced new services such as Virtual Power Plants, enabling a balanced electricity grid which in turn enables a fully renewable Europe.
  • We started building our first agrivoltaic park, showing how crops and solar can be effectively combined.
  • We have a great community of Power Shifters and a strong culture that enables us to drive change in Europe.

We are proud of what we accomplished, but we are far from done. We aim to be one of the biggest contributors to a fossil-free Europe, replacing fossil energy with solar power. We have a long way to go, but the future is bright. The future is solar.

The full report can be found here