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Invest in a sustainable future powered by Solar

We are one of Europe's leading solar companies, with local offices in Sweden, Spain, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Italy. Serving 23 000+ Customers

Why Svea Solar?

Svea Solar is one of the key forces in building Europe’s integrated and sustainable energy ecosystem and acting as its aggregator

One of the leading solar actors

We know going solar can seem complicated, but with over 20.000 completed installations, we are the expert to guide you every step of the way.

Your energy, customized

Each Svea Solar system is custom designed to best fit you home's energy needs.

95% customer satisfaction

We are proud of our high customer satisfaction. Together we are creating a planet powered by the sun.

We are Power Shifters

In less than two hours, the sun delivers more energy to the Earth than we use in an entire year. Clean, limitless energy. When we come together to unleash that power, it will change everything. Because alone we can only do little, but together we can do so much. We will transfer power from the old and tired electricity giants and put it in our own hands. Together we will pave the way for an energy revolution, ridding the planet of fossil fuels and leading us into a sustainable future. Join the revolution – the sun is the limit.

We are one of Europe's leading solar companies

Present with local offices in Sweden, Spain, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Serving 20 000+ Customers.