A leading European Solar Energy Company


We develop, finance, build, and maintain large-scale PV energy systems across Europe.


We have a strong track record in managing the whole construction process, from start to finish.

Operation & Maintenance

We maintain and look after your park throughout its lifetime.

Our projects

We take great pride in every solar park we connect to the grid, adding much needed renewable energy and phasing out fossil fuels.


Utility-scale solar projects delivered

2 GW

Development Portfolio

70 MWp

Utility-scale solar managed

Our Product

The benefits of building solar parks

Cost-efficient solution

Building on a large scale is the most cost-effective way to implement solar energy.

Scalable Implementation

If you don't have enough roof space to cover your energy needs, ground-mounted solar is the way to go.

Biodiversity Increase

Solar parks can enable animal species to reside in undisturbed areas.

Some of our Successful Projects

We carry out large-scale solar park projects that provide good returns and take into account the unique conditions of each area. Here is a selection.

Our Services

Get access to solar parks without owning your own

Power Purchase Agreement

Companies can contribute to renewable energy by participating in the expansion of solar parks without having to take care of the operations or the financing.

365 Maintenance

The park will be maintained by Svea Solar all year round and guarantee safe production.

100% Secured Prices

Have predictability against rising electricity prices in the future.

Our Process

The way to build and get energy from a solar park


  • 1. Contact

    A meeting in your environment where we help identify surfaces that suit your solar panels.

  • 2. Consultancy

    Through our partners, we can also suggest financing for your solar park. As well as insurance.

  • 3. Design

    We will propose the technical design, choice of components, and other considerations for an optimized design.

  • 4. Installation

    Turnkey installation and on-site management. Mechanical and electrical work included.

  • 5. Maintenance

    We monitor the production and maintain the solar park to ensure a project lifetime of over 40 years.

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