Svea Solar Enters the Market for Large-Scale Batteries

Svea Solar Enters the Market for Large-Scale Batteries

Svea Solar is taking a significant step into the market for large-scale batteries in Sweden in collaboration with Luleå Energi. Svea Solar are leveraging its expertise in large-scale solar energy solutions to address the growing demand for robust energy storage solutions.

The first battery project, with a capacity of 12 MW/12MWh, marks the beginning of a focus area for Svea Solar in the coming years. The investment in battery technology will play a vital role in supporting and developing the Swedish electrical grid. Large-scale batteries are a crucial complement to solar parks as they can contribute to balancing the electrical grid by regulating the supply of solar energy to the grid.

Svea Solar is proud to be at the forefront not only in large-scale solar parks in Sweden but also in the development and construction of battery parks. Our goal is not only to meet today's energy needs but also to be a catalyst for a sustainable future. We look forward to contributing to increased availability and reliability in the Swedish electrical grid. In the future, we believe that almost all solar parks will be combined with batteries, says Pieter Godderis, MD Solar Parks at Svea Solar.

In the coming years, Svea Solar plans to continue this ambitious initiative by constructing battery facilities in connection with large-scale solar energy production throughout the country. The battery park currently being built for Luleå Energi is the first of many to come.

As society transitions and becomes increasingly electrified, new demands are placed on the power grid. Expansion, power optimization, and increased power production will be required, but also solutions for storing electricity and actively contributing to balancing the electrical grid. The battery park is a crucial puzzle piece for the ongoing energy transition in Luleå, says Sofia Antonsen, Development Manager at Luleå Energi.

The project is planned to be completed in the second half of 2024.