One of Sweden's Largest Solar Parks Inaugurated in Sölvesborg

One of Sweden's Largest Solar Parks Inaugurated in Sölvesborg

Yesterday, one of Sweden's largest solar parks was inaugurated near Sölvesborg, Blekinge. The solar park is estimated to contribute 19 GWh in southern Sweden, where the demand is most significant. Behind the initiative are the solar energy company Svea Solar, the electricity company Bixia, and the sawmill conglomerate Vida.

The solar park is expected to produce 19 GWh on an annual basis, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of around 3 800 households. This means that southern Sweden, with both power production shortage and high energy demands, receives a much-needed supply of renewable and locally produced electricity. The electricity area “SE4”, where the park is located, is one of the regions in Sweden with the highest electricity prices.

Svea Solar owns and manages the solar park, and the sawmill conglomerate Vida purchases electricity through the electricity company Bixia via a fixed-price long-term power purchase agreement (PPA).

"We see an increasing interest in this type of long-term power purchase agreements among Swedish companies. It is gratifying and of great significance that more companies are choosing this kind of agreement as it promotes the expansion of large scale solar parks and increases the production of renewable energy. Solar parks are by far the fastest path to more renewable energy, while power purchase agreements accelerate the development of large-scale solar power," says Pontus Skog, Head of Development Solar Parks at Svea Solar.

The sawmill conglomerate Vida purchases the electricity through a 10-year power purchase agreement through the electricity company Bixia.

"We are very pleased that the new solar park is now inaugurated and operational. It means that we can further reduce our climate impact, lower our electricity costs, and secure parts of our electricity prices through solar power. Operating production with solar power is an important step in our climate work," says Erik Dahl, Deputy CEO of Vida.

"Sawmill conglomerate Vida, like us, has high ambitions in the climate field. Therefore, it is great that we can together contribute to the expansion of solar energy in southern Sweden, where the need is most significant. Locally produced renewable energy is a key element in the green transition," says Magnus Reitersjö, Deputy CEO of Bixia.

Construction of the park began in the autumn of 2022, and is now fully operational.

The inauguration was attended by Arne Bogren (M), Chairman of the Municipal Council in Sölvesborg, Kith Mårtensson (M), Deputy Chairman of the Municipal Executive Committee, and Heléne Björklund, Member of Parliament from Sölvesborg (S). Also present were Magnus Reitersjö, Deputy CEO of Bixia, Erik Dahl, Deputy CEO of Vida, and Pontus Skog, Head of Development Solar Parks at Svea Solar.

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