Svea Solar and Arla enter record-breaking Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Svea Solar and Arla enter record-breaking Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

The largest solar power purchase agreement in Sweden’s history has been agreed between Svea Solar and the European dairy cooperative Arla. The agreement entails Arla purchasing 100 GWh of solar energy annually at a fixed price, enabling Svea Solar to further accelerate the expansion of large-scale solar in Sweden.

Svea Solar, Sweden's largest solar energy company, has been at the forefront of driving the green energy transition in Sweden since its inception. Svea Solar is behind over 30 solar parks and has approximately 30 more large-scale projects in progress in Sweden and across Europe. Just a few months ago, Sweden's then-largest solar park was inaugurated in Fjällskär, just outside Nyköping. Svea Solar and Arla are now pleased to announce they have entered into a historic solar power purchase agreement, with Arla buying 100 GWh of solar energy annually. 100 GWh corresponds to approximately half of Arla's energy needs for its Swedish dairy operations.

"This is a significant milestone for Svea Solar and for Sweden's energy transition as a whole. Arla's decision to invest in solar energy with a historically large solar power purchase agreement also sends a signal to other companies to follow suit and invest in clean and renewable energy. It opens the door to a broader transformation across the entire business sector, demonstrating how companies can contribute to more sustainable and locally sourced energy" says Pieter Godderis, Managing Director Solar Parks at Svea Solar.

The energy agreement, applicable to electrical grid area 3 (SE3), enables Svea Solar to increase production capacity where it is most needed.

"This is the largest solar power purchase agreement ever in Sweden. 100 GWh is equivalent to the annual consumption of 20,000 villas in Sweden. With this substantial agreement, we will have the opportunity to further accelerate our commitment to solar energy and build even more large-scale solar parks throughout the country," says Pontus Skog, Head of Development Solar Parks at Svea Solar.