Svea Solar climbs on the list of Europe's fastest-growing companies

Svea Solar climbs on the list of Europe's fastest-growing companies

With 10 years in the industry, Svea Solar continues its growth journey. In the Financial Times' updated ranking of Europe's 1000 fastest-growing companies from 2019 to 2022, Svea Solar climbs compared to last year and is the only Swedish company mentioned within the energy industry. Svea Solar holds a strong position in several European markets, a position that benefits from the collaboration with IKEA in five European markets.

  • Solar energy will become the world's largest energy source, a fact pretty much all forecasts agree on. The truly interesting question is how quickly it will happen. As we grow, we accelerate the energy transition in Europe, which is why growth remains important to us, says Erik Martinson, co-founder and CEO of Svea Solar.

For the third consecutive year, Svea Solar is one of Europe's fastest-growing companies on the Financial Times ranking. A solar boom spurred by high electricity prices and the need to become more self-sufficient and quickly phase out Russian gas in Europe.

  • Hardly anyone, including myself and co-founder Björn Lind, believed in solar when we started in Sweden 10 years ago. Now an entire industry has emerged, and we have proven that solar energy is profitable for homeowners in Sweden and a great benefit to the electricity system as a whole. We will continue to grow in Europe and aim to become one of Europe's largest solar energy companies, says Erik Martinson, CEO and co-founder of Svea Solar.

For the third consecutive year Svea Solar is on the FT1000 ranking, placing 461 out of 1000 included companies. Link to the ranking: