Svea Solar increases focus on IT and IT security with new CIO

Svea Solar increases focus on IT and IT security with new CIO

As the production, consumption, and utilization of energy can be controlled remotely, the role of IT managers of energy companies becomes increasingly significant. At the same time, IT attacks are increasing both in quantity and scope for virtually all companies. Svea Solar’s new recruitment of Katrin Lindahl Wallin as new Chief Information Officer (CIO) will increase focus on these issues.

Katrin comes from a CEO role at Colorama with a background as CIO in several companies, including Handelsbanken, DNB, Länsförsäkringar, and Volvo Cars. Throughout, the roles have involved a strong focus on transformation, driving projects for change and increased growth.

"What attracted me to Svea Solar was the opportunity to create a scalable structure. Many growing companies realize this too late, which hampers growth. The energy sector is new to me, working for a company that is addressing the climate issue and at the same time being a strong growth case is a perfect combination for me," says Katrin Lindal Wallin, the new CIO at Svea Solar.

In her role, Katrin will be responsible for building long-term IT structures and systems and protecting customer information through increased focus on information security.

"We are extremely pleased to have found such an experienced and competent person as Katrin. Establishing IT structures that can easily scale to all markets is key for us to continue our growth journey. Katrin also has extensive experience in IT security, which is becoming increasingly important in the energy sector as access to energy is a critical societal function," says Erik Martinson, co-founder and CEO of Svea Solar.

Katrin assumed her position in mid-February and reports to COO Jonas Wedin.