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Our planet has to shift to solar power and we have made it our job to get it done. Join us.

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Our Story

Svea Solar was founded in a studio apartment in Stockholm in 2014. Since the beginning, it has been our goal to make renewable energy an easy and profitable investment. We are, in short, tomorrow’s energy company.

We Like:

Our values - Courage - Svea Solar


Thinking big takes courage: We want to make a difference by offering a product that is part of the solution, not the problem.

Our vision - Innovation - Svea Solar


The energy business has to change. Through innovation and hard work we have made it easy to choose solar power.

Our vision - Positivity - Svea Solar


Where others see problems we see solutions, and we believe we are one of them.

Our vision - Simplicity - Svea Solar


Doing the right thing should be easy. We have made a technically advanced product the obvious and easy choice.


We have made it our business to shift the planet away from dirty energy and towards solar power. This is where we can make a difference – and we have only started our journey. What’s more, we believe that good things will happen when people own their power. Join us and see.

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