Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Benefits Customers and Society at Large

Empowering Customers and the Grid for a Brighter Future

Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Benefits Customers and Society at Large

The sun shines brightly during the day, sometimes obscured by clouds, and then gives way to night. The wind can blow strongly and eventually calm down. Nature's forces are beyond our control, historically making renewable energy too unreliable for electricity grid support.

However, with Virtual Power Plants (VPP), this is no longer the case. Solar is becoming a major asset to the grid, and to society as a whole.

Through VPP technology we can now use solar installations as well as batteries to contribute to grid stability just as traditional, less effective and, to a large extent, dirtier power sources do in Europe. We achieve this by aggregating solar and batteries from our parks and residential customers and making the energy available or unavailable to the grid when needed. By using this technology, we are operating seamlessly alongside other major power sources, making the grid even stronger.

Our VPP rollout is already underway, with solutions for both homes and solar parks. Our VPP will be fully operational in Sweden by 2024.

Quick Tech Exploration

In straightforward terms, a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a network of smaller energy-producing and storage units, including solar panels, inverters, and batteries, working harmoniously to assist the electricity grid during periods of imbalance.

The grid operates optimally at a frequency of 50 Hertz, ensuring it meets society’s energy demand. VPP empowers us and our peers to provide vital balancing services, which include seamlessly adjusting the supply of solar energy to the grid to maintain the required frequency.

With the consent of our valued customers, they grant us remote access to manage their energy resources, making them available when needed. This only happens occasionally and normally for a few seconds at a time, 20 minutes at most. The remarkable part is that our customers will hardly notice anything and, in return, will be rewarded for their participation.

Through our innovative integration of VPP technology, we're actively making clean and cost-effective solar energy together with batteries easily accessible, ready to stabilize the grid whenever necessary. Solar energy, being 100% clean and far more economical than many alternatives, positions us to contribute significantly to a brighter future, as we work to reduce Europe's reliance on fossil fuels.


Society's Triple Wins with Complete Solar Solutions including VPP Technology


  • Unlocking a Fully Renewable Europe

    The long-standing concern about renewable energy's fluctuation and its negative impact on the grid is now a thing of the past, thanks to Virtual Power Plants (VPP). Solar energy can seamlessly provide power when needed, ensuring grid stability. Optimized production and storage not only reduce overall energy consumption but also enables us to utilize energy during periods of abundance when it's cost-effective. Our primary goal is to leverage this technology to phase out fossil fuels, followed by a natural transition away from more expensive energy sources like nuclear power.

  • Empowering Self-Sufficiency

    Europe's energy dependence is a pressing issue, but solar power offers a rapid and effective solution. By optimizing energy production and consumption throughout the day, we not only use energy more intelligently but also move toward greater self-sufficiency, reducing reliance on authoritarian regimes.

  • Affordable Energy for All

    Smarter energy usage translates to lower energy costs, benefiting everyone, especially those with optimized solar systems. With increased energy storage and wiser consumption, we can avoid peak-time energy consumption spikes, reducing the extreme energy price fluctuations witnessed in recent years. This will result in reduced energy bills for all, ensuring affordable energy and enabling energy-intensive industries to thrive across Europe.