A renewable future with smart solar panels

A renewable future with smart solar panels

We shop for groceries while waiting for the bus and control the household lighting from the sunbed during a vacation abroad. Despite smart devices and a more planned everyday life, few people think smart and sustainable when it comes to electricity.

Frankly, electricity flows through almost everything we use in everyday life - from the mobile alarm in the morning to the commute home from work and the e-mail you are currently checking on your computer. Hence, there will be a lot of energy consumption on your bill at the end of the month and your choice of electricity supplier makes a big difference for both the environment and your economy. Owning a solar panel system or switching to a green electricity contract is, in the long run, more cost-effective than consuming electricity produced on fossil fuels.

We at Svea Solar advocate “smart systems” that provide optimal electricity generation, smooth monitoring of the panels' performance in our in-house developed app and the opportunity to easily service the solar panels when needed. All in order for you to save time and money in your everyday life.

On the Energy Markets Bureaus's website you will find good information on how you can think regarding an solar panel investment. In our own solar panel calculator you get a more specific estimate of your savings, cost, payment time and environmental impact for your home. You can also start designing your own solar panel system:

The world is entering a new era with borrowed reserves of fossil fuels and outdated energy suppliers. We at Svea Solar, have entered the market to change that. We challenge outdated energy giants with our flexible solar panel systems, smart cloud services and in-house developed app.